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Peel 'N Stick - 9 Inch X 12  Yards

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Peel 'N Stick - 9 Inch X 12 Yards


Peel 'N Stick - 9 Inch X 12 Yards

An adhesive tear-away stabilizer used for 'hoopless' embroidery or to provide additional stablilization of items. Ideal for velvets, napped materials, silks, knits, vinyl, leather, and any material that won't fit a standard hoop. Hoop the Peel 'N Stick and place on your machine, sticky side up. Peel off the protective covering and place the blank item in the center. Afterwards, tear away the stitched area, patch the hole with another piece of Peel 'N Stick and begin again. No need for activated adhesive stabilizers or spray adhesives.

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