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60 Inch Wide Burlap - Brown

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60 Inch Wide Burlap - Brown


60 Inch Wide Burlap - Brown

100% Cotton Jute burlap has many uses including window treatments and home decorating. 54 Inch wide.

About Burlap

Burlap ("hessian" internationally) is a fabric woven from coarse fibers found in the skin of the jute plant. Jute burlap, or sometimes just "jute", is somewhat finer and smoother than traditional burlap weaves, and has recently become popular as a eco-friendly fabric that can be used for handbags, drapery, and other decorative applications. There are also softer versions made entirely of specially spun cotton to immitate the look of burlap, but with a softer hand.

Burlap Uses

Despite being woven together loosely compared with other fabrics, burlap fabric and jute fabric is especially tough, and has traditionally been used as a utility fabric in large sacks of grain and coffee beans. Today, burlap is commonly dyed and woven so that it is better suited for decorative uses around the home. It's now quite popular to wrap and upholster accent pieces in jute fabric or burlap, such as pillows and outdoor seating. Some designers also incorporate burlap into some drapery, and burlap ribbons, wreaths, decorative bows are also used to bring a rustic feel to a room or outdoor living space.

Sir's Fabrics offers discount burlap in several widths and colors, from varying natural shades to bright blues and reds. There's no project too big or small for burlap to add a peaceful rural appeal!

Burlap Care Tips

Because burlap does have a tendency to fray with time and use, special care should be taken to ensure your material lasts for years to come. Burlap should be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Be sure to rinse the burlap thoroughly and gently to remove all the detergent, and then lay flat between two towels to blot out the moisture evenly. Never try to wring out the burlap, or it could misshape the weave.

Also, even though burlap and jute fabric seems like it would make great outdoor drapery and decorative fabric, direct sunlight can cause burlap to fade, and the heat can encourage fraying.

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